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Metal scrap

Metal scrap


At our scrap-yard we buy scrap metal from both legal entities and persons. The scrap metal is examined and received according to the classification.


You are immediately paid for the scrap metal you bring; we pay the highest prices we can offer.


The number of our suppliers is constantly growing because our scrap metal buying and selling procedure is fair and efficient.


We buy the following scrap metal:



  • Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Cables

  • Brass

  • Lead

  • Stainless Steel

  • Iron

  • Car Batteries

  • Mixed Metal Scrap


Each piece of scrap metal we receive is visually examined to determine its basic characteristics. If the scrap metal is not completely clean and homogeneous it cannot be delivered to clients requiring well prepared material.


If the scrap metal is not completely clean, it goes for further processing. Different materials are separated and impurities are mechanically eliminated. Specifically, we use alligator shears and mobile hydraulic shears for this purpose. Scrap cables are processed separately using the cable granulation line .


After mechanical separation and cleaning, the material is classified according to class, specific to a client's needs. Our main objective is to deliver all material in the quality, amount and form optimal for further processing by our clients. The material is generally shipped in jumbo bags weighing up to 1 ton.



We have established a long-term cooperation with all our clients, primarily based on trust and fulfillment of agreed obligations.