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Cable recycling

Cable recycling


Our main activity is scrap cable recycling. That is how we have distinguished ourselves among other recycling companies and became the market leader in Vojvodina, as well as in Serbia.


Upon receipt, cables are examined and analyzed in order to determine their exact value. Since there are a great number of different cable types, this evaluation process is not always an easy task. It requires experience and knowledge to estimate the metal percentage (copper or aluminum) which determines the final buying price.


When cables are received it is necessary to eliminate possible dirt in the form of concrete, plaster etc. Since there are three basic types of granules, cables are then sorted according to our final product.


Sorted cables are placed in the cable recycling line. It consists of a shredding machine , a belt conveyor with magnet separators and a cable granulation machine. Copper or aluminum granules, completely clean and free of plastic, are obtained after two steps of cable shredding, milling and separating. Granules are packed and delivered to clients in jumbo bags. Copper or aluminum, prepared in this way, is easy to manipulate and weigh for alloying and melting.


We emphasize that our entire process is ecological. The process is completely mechanical, exclusive of any thermal or chemical processes which might endanger the living environment.



Our processing capacity is 2,5 ton of scrap cables per shift. We are committed to further investment in capacity expansion and separation process improvement.