Recycling and Trade of secondary raw materials

Purchasing Scrap Metals

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At our scrap-yard we buy scrap metal from both legal entities and persons. The scrap metal is examined and received according to the classification. You are immediately paid for the scrap metal you bring; we pay the highest prices we can offer. The number of our suppliers is constantly growing because our scrap metal buying and selling procedure is fair and efficient.

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Stainless Steel



Each piece of scrap metal we receive is visually examined to determine its basic characteristics. If the scrap metal is not completely clean and homogeneous it cannot be delivered to clients requiring well prepared material.

If the scrap metal is not completely clean, it goes for further processing. Different materials are separated and impurities are mechanically eliminated. Specifically, we use alligator shears and mobile hydraulic shears for this purpose. Scrap cables are processed separately using the cable granulation line .

After mechanical separation and cleaning, the material is classified according to class, specific to a client’s needs. Our main objective is to deliver all material in the quality, amount and form optimal for further processing by our clients. The material is generally shipped in jumbo bags weighing up to 1 ton.

We have established a long-term cooperation with all our clients, primarily based on trust and fulfillment of agreed obligations.

Cable recycling

Our main activity is scrap cable recycling. That is how we have distinguished ourselves among other recycling companies and became the market leader in Vojvodina, as well as in Serbia.

Upon receipt, cables are examined and analyzed in order to determine their exact value. Since there are a great number of different cable types, this evaluation process is not always an easy task. It requires experience and knowledge to estimate the metal percentage (copper or aluminum) which determines the final buying price.

When cables are received it is necessary to eliminate possible dirt in the form of concrete, plaster etc. Since there are three basic types of granules, cables are then sorted according to our final product.

Sorted cables are placed in the cable recycling line. It consists of a shredding machine , a belt conveyor with magnet separators and a cable granulation machine. Copper or aluminum granules, completely clean and free of plastic, are obtained after two steps of cable shredding, milling and separating. Granules are packed and delivered to clients in jumbo bags. Copper or aluminum, prepared in this way, is easy to manipulate and weigh for alloying and melting.

We emphasize that our entire process is ecological. The process is completely mechanical, exclusive of any thermal or chemical processes which might endanger the living environment.

Our processing capacity is 2,5 ton of scrap cables per shift. We are committed to further investment in capacity expansion and separation process improvement.

Stainless steel

During last couple of years buy out of stainless scrap metal became our primary activity. We do our best to fulfil all demands from our suppliers and buyers, within the legal & environmental regulations, while operating in a efficient and professional manner. 

Our prices are competitive and payment is immediately upon determining quality & quantity of take on scrap metal. There is no too small or too big quantity of metal that we can take on from suppliers.

All gathered stainless scrap metal we sort, cut, bundle and pack which is afterwards delivered to our partners in European Union. Every piece of taken scrap metal is analyzed and sorted in order to secure quality raw materials for smelters.

Jugopan is a family business established in 1995. Over time, the main activity of the company became recycling and trade of secondary raw materials. We distinguish ourselves from other companies by specializing in cable recycling. We are the market leader in the Province of Vojvodina and beyond.

Our objective is to contribute to the sustainable development and environmental protection by efficient processing of collected scrap metal and by making it reusable.

We offer fair prices and payment terms to our suppliers by following fair and clear procedures of scrap metal reception.

From reception to delivery, we are committed to efficiently obtaining of clean materials, and adequately classifying and preparing them for transport.

We posses integral licenses for waste – collection, transport, storage and treatment.